Anders Filipsen (b. 1979) is a pianist and composer living in Copenhagen. He is primarily focused on free improvisation, and the possibilities of combining it with other art forms and new ways of composition. His piano playing can best be described as percussive and highly energetic, and it has been said of him that he: ”…shows sparkling piano playing and a thorough, deep and honest expression.” (Nikolaj Hess, summer 2010). Anders Filipsen has worked with musicians such as John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Lindha Kallerdahl and Andrew D’Angelo. As a composer he is focused on ways of combining improvisation and composition in more holistic ways. The tonal-language is inspired by real sounds as well as modern/avant-garde jazz and contemporary classical music. He has written for larger ensembles and small groups as well as having written music for several films.

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